Jules Suites offers 14 luxury self catering suites in the heart of St. Julian`s. Each suite has been carefully designed to accommodate the discerning business travellers as well as guests seeking a leisure stay and who prefer the boutique feel rather than large hotels.
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1 May

Getting ready for that Maltese summer holiday

One thing you’re sure to have heard about Malta ahead of your visit is that it’s rich with beaches to frequent during the summer. You may have seen pictures of golden sands framed by turquoise waters; as well as rocky beaches of an equally inspiring shape and that are ready to receive myriad visitors each year.

The good news is that Malta’s beaches are in fact plentiful, jutting out of every corner of the island and keen to welcome anyone willing to take the plunge. The even better news is that, once you pick Jules Suites as your self-catering accommodation of choice, you will have a veritable pick of some of Malta’s most accessible beaches at your disposal.

Situated at the heart of St Julian’s, Jules Suites is perfectly located for you to take advantage of Central Malta’s most beloved beaches.

Nearest to Jules Suites itself, you will find St George’s Bay – with a sandy beach handily rubbing shoulder’s with the island’s most vibrant entertainment district. This of course comes with its own baggage, which could go either way depending on which way you’re inclined – the younger clientele are sure to love a beach you can just hunker down at after – or even before – a night of heavy partying. But it’s also a nice stretch of land to have a walk around during the day, to stretch your legs, calm your nerves and plan the rest of your holiday.

For a more intimate time of it, in the meantime, you can pop on down to Spinola and/or Balluta Bay, offering an alcove to dive into slap-bang in the middle of the town’s bustle.

As ever, accessibility it one of the jewels in the Jules Suites crown, and the ease with which you can get to nearby Sliema opens up some great beach opportunities for visitors.

In Sliema – one of Malta’s most vibrant and desirable locations – you will find a number of rocky beaches that have helped to make memories for many Maltese families, and that are regularly frequented by foreign visitors too.

Perhaps the most iconic of these is Exiles. Named after the historical bar of the same name and flanked by the beautiful Independence Gardens, the Exiles beach is equipped will all the amenities one can expect from a top-range beach set-up, while never losing the accessible, relaxed vibe that has made it such a favourite among so many people over the years. Exiles also leads into the stretch of beach known as Surfside, allowing you to plunge straight in and follow the horizon, or get comfortable in the little pools rough-hewn into the rock.

Further on, and flanked by The Point Shopping Mall at Tigne, you will find Qui-Si-Sana; as centrally-located as beaches can get, and guaranteeing easy access to restaurants and the town’s shopping district – making it the perfect place to dip into on your trip to Sliema.

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