Jules Suites offers 14 luxury self catering suites in the heart of St. Julian`s. Each suite has been carefully designed to accommodate the discerning business travellers as well as guests seeking a leisure stay and who prefer the boutique feel rather than large hotels.
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10 Apr

Make hay while the sun shines (and shines, and shines…)

Visit Malta in spring time, and stay on for summer if you like!

You will have heard stories about Malta’s irresistible weather. The island attracts visitors from all over the globe for that exact reason, but it’s no surprise that those hailing from Northern Europe – be they from Germany, England or the Scandinavian countries – find the persistent sunshine and balmy evenings of Malta during spring and summer to be particularly refreshing.

Well, perhaps ‘refreshing’ may not be the right word when speaking about the intensity of the golden rays that shine on, pretty much without interruption, in the days from around mid-April all the way down to October over Malta and the rest of the archipelago. But for those who have grown resigned to the grey skies in their own native places of habitation, a place where the sun is the rule and not the exception is sure to make for a nice change.

And Malta can offer plenty of thing to plenty of different people, of different temperaments and recreational persuasions, during the spring and summer months. When it comes to the latter, it is perhaps those who are really looking for a respite from the cold and grey that should be best served by Malta at its peak.

In other words, if you can handle near-tropical temperatures that will have you flocking to the beach more or less 24/7, look no further than a Malta holiday at some point in July and/or August. The humidity will be at its peak and the locals are likely to stare at you as if you’re crazy for coming on over around this time, but a stay during these infamously intense months will sure put an exotic kick in your vacation.

However, those who are still after being able to dip their feet into Malta’s Mediterranean waters on a regular basis, but who are also more sensitive to the heat, would do well to book holidays earlier on. By this, we mean round about now. April and May are ordinarily exquisite months for the Maltese Islands; ensuring that constant golden glow without the stifling heat the accompanies it, and allowing you to roam freely around every corner of the island without getting winded and (too) sweaty.

(And depending on how things are going in the given year, June can also be very accommodating to visitors who are chasing the sunshine but are a bit less daring when it comes to soaking up the near-Tropical temperatures.)

And speaking of getting around, the accommodation offered by Jules Suites makes for a more than comfortable option for both seeing the island and relaxing away from a fulfilling time at the beach, or as you explore the island’s culinary delights and rich array of historical and cultural treasures.

Located right at the centre of St Julian’s – the island’s prime nightlife and fine dining district – it’s just a stone’s throw away from great food, great walks, great discos and great beaches… and that’s just the locality itself! The bus terminus is literally across the road, meaning that reaching the rest of the island will not be a problem at all, at any point during the day.

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